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We provide a well-integrated Malware live-analysis platform as a product. Please have a look at our product page and mail us at service@cyberus-technology.de if you have any questions!

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Intel CPU Vulnerabilities discovered by Cyberus Technology

Cyberus Technology co-discovered the Intel CPU vulnerabilities Meltdown and LazyFP. See also our technical blog articles:

Cyberus Technology was founded by specialists sharing a common history in CPU design and research at Intel. If you need consulting around securing your software solutions against CPU vulnerabilities, or secure CPU design, don't hesitate to contact us!

Team Cyberus

Cyberus Technology GmbH is an innovative German IT-security company specializing on products that are based on secure virtualization technology and virtual machine introspection. Cyberus is part of the German Alliance for Cyber-Security.

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Feel free to bookmark our tech blog, where we publish comprehensive information about newly discovered and published chip vulnerabilities, interesting use cases of our own products and technology, but also general auxillary technical thoughts and tutorials!

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