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Thomas Prescher, Julian Stecklina, Jacek Galowicz

Intel LazyFP vulnerability: Exploiting lazy FPU state switching

After Meltdown and Spectre, which were publicly disclosed in January, the Spectre V3a and V4 vulnerabilities followed in May. According to the German IT news publisher Heise, the latter might be part of eight new vulnerabilities in total that are going to be disclosed in the course of the year.

Spectre V4: Store-Load Vulnerability
Jacek Galowicz, Werner Haas

Spectre V4: Store-Load Vulnerability

After Meltdown and Spectre, more vulnerabilities in out-of-order CPUs have been uncovered that use similar attack vectors. This article is about the new variant 4 of the Spectre attack that works without misleading the branch predictor. Instead, it exploits an implementation detail of Intel's memory disambiguation technique inside the CPU's pipeline.

Jacek Galowicz


Meltdown is an attack on the general memory data security of computers with the Intel x86 architecture. Two members of the founder team of Cyberus Technology GmbH were among the first experts to discover this vulnerability. This article describes how Meltdown works and examines the mitigations that have been patched into the most widespread operating systems while the information embargo was still intact.

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