Secure Virtualization Platform

SVP is a fully vertically integrated virtualization solution, in all instances designed to fit customers' use-cases with high performance and increased security.

SVP is based on the microkernel-based Hedron Hypervisor architecture. This architecture enables enormous flexibility and a feature-set that is well adapted to our customers needs.

Cyberus offers full vertical integration and enables specialized use-cases and high efficiency.

A modern architecture, memory-safe programming languages, and rigorous testing ensure that SVP is reliable and secure. The small components make it easy to certify solutions build with SVP. In fact, SVP is already part of BSI-certified products.

Graphics Virtualization - Making full use of GPUs in VMs

In times when working from home is ever more important there is a strong demand for video conferencing. Efficient video conferencing workloads require a lot of help from GPUs and GPU-heavy workloads have not been a lot of fun in VMs.

Modern GPUs support virtualization and have almost the same performance when used in virtual machines as using these cards natively. Unfortunately support in traditional virtualization stacks has been slow to follow.

With the help from SVP, Virtualbox on the SINA Workstation now supports GPU virtualization out of the box. Video conferences are on track to be much more fun and we have even played a couple of virtualized games. In office scenarios GPU virtualization improves battery life, by taking load away from the CPU.

GPU Performance compared: VM without graphics virtualization on the left. SVP on the right.


Secure Workstation

Our partner secunet has built the current generation of SINA Workstation with SVP. Learn how secunet benefits from modern features such as GPU virtualization and the reliability and security of SVP.


When building a Honeypot it is important to for the Honeypot to imitate the real system as closely as possible. With SVP it is possible to put the actual software in a Honeypot and utilize virtual machine introspection (VMI) to catch intruders.

SIEM Sensor

SIEM systems are only as good as the data they receive. Learn how to utilize SVP and VMI to gather reliable, deep insight into your systems.

Network Appliance

Modern network appliances often use containers to separate applications. SVP offers a way to securely isolate containers and their applications on any appliance. VMI can be added to provide additional security when needed.


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